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 hipex | high performance exhaust
Pipes and manifolds manufactured from an aluminium sheet, of which Mauro is a maestro, make R.C.E. the only company in its sector using this technology, offering a ...

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 hipex pipes – rcpitbox
RC Pit Box are the sole UK distributor for HIPEX Pipes. Here you will find our most popular pipes. If the pipe/manifold you are looking for is not listed please

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 hipex - world champion products
HIPEX Pipe 21 2095 LOW NOISE... HIPEX Pipe 21 2095 LOW NOISE BREV. CR2010A000011. 53,70 €* Stock : Add to cart View. HIPEX Pipe 21 2108 TERRA MA210076.

 hipex pipe 12 2669 evo2 ma120038 - world champion products
WORLD CHAMPION 2012 EFRA homologated 2669 EVO2 2-Chambers pipe for .12 Engines. The modern .12 engines need appropriate pipes for their best performance, so Hipex ...

 hipex 2135 terra pipe + l50 manifold combo – rcpitbox
MA210108PIPE HIPEX 21 2135 TERRA Pipe EFRA 2135 for .21 off-road engines. Guarantees progressive power delivery at low rpm and top power at high rpm.High fuel e

 hipex-hipex tuned pipe .21 efra 2069 strada evo2 hd 1/8 on ...
Hipex Tuned Pipe .21 EFRA 2069 STRADA EVO2 HD 1/8 On/Road Pipe EFRA 2069 for .21 on-road engines Pipe 2069 STRADA EVO2 with HD treatment for a better resonance and ...

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